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Some of my one hour compo entries from various times/places are available here - mostly ones I personally like/consider somehow succesful. As there quite a lot of entries in total & quality etc. varies heavily I won't be listing all the stuff here. The rest you can dig from here if you really want to hear them. That folder may not be up to date though, as I don't always remember to upload stuff to there.

Name Size Description Format
Fast crapper 46 kb First OHC this year...haven't done any .xms in ages either before this. .xm
Kimbo 54 kb Another BOTB OHC. Getting a bit rusty. .it
Name Size Description Format
Blue Smoke 85 kb - .it
Boredom 89 kb Ambientish stuff .it
Fingah 1,75 Mb somewhat Jarresque stuff .it
>Spoiled cheese 62 kb Chiptune action
Name Size Description Format
Caked clown 827 kb 2nd OHC track done with Panda tracker. .mp3
Impotential 1,12 Mb 3rd and so far the last Panda tracker OHC entry (as the development of that tracker has seized). .mp3
Panda test toonz 1,05 Mb First OHC track done with Panda tracker. .mp3
Silence 50 kb FMish stuff .it
Slowburn 18 kb One of the only .nsfs I did the whole year. Pretty good one. .nsf

Name Size Description Format
Amplifried 59 kb From a #mod_shrine OHC (I think). .it
Behind Glass 171 kb - .it
Bleh 157 kb The worlds most common OHC entry title? .it
Burnin' 230 kb Funkeh. .it
Catmandu 28 kb From BOTB OHC .nsf
Cold Sweat 455 kb Put your disco boots on .it
Cyberpunk 32 kb From BOTB OHC .nsf
Daydream 32 kb One of my personal OHC faves. From BOTB OHC. .nsf
Druggz 32 kb From BOTB OHC. .nsf
Eclipse 74 kb - .it
Everyday 28 kb From BOTB OHC .nsf
Fractions 131 kb - .it
Fragmented 574 kb - .it
Fuzzy Logic 187 kb From a #mod_shrine OHC (I think). .it
Green with envy 464 kb A little crazy, a little experimental. .it
Late 28 kb From BOTB OHC .nsf
Mishmashed 180 kb - .it
Moer druggggz 32 kb From BOTB OHC .nsf
One step closer to death 164 kb From a #mod_shrine OHC (I think). .it
Overdue 888 kb - .it
Punch 181 kb - .it
Ramses the damned 24 kb From BOTB ohc. Egyptianish stuff. .nsf
Raven 147 kb From my first ever BOTB OHC entry I think. .it 32 kb From BOTB OHC .nsf
Senseless 1,64 Mb From a BOTB OHC. .mp3
Sleeping is for gays 1,46 Mb OHC track done with TFM tracker. I later extended it (not so succefully imo) with name "Rainstorm". .mp3
Time to start 24 kb From BOTB OHC. .nsf
Thistle 439 kb - .it
Unholy crap 453 kb - .it
Wintergreen 155 kb - .it
Votimus maximus 32 kb - .nsf
Zap city 28 kb From BOTB OHC .nsf

Name Size Description Format
Corrosion 151 kb - .xm
Gimme some beer 295 kb - .xm
Fall to sleep over boredom 118 kb Slow ambientish stuff .xm
Friday the 13th 228 kb - .it
Heartless bastard 103 kb If I recall right, this was more like 15 min entry. But I like it. .it
Lemon drop 221 kb Sort of crazy, that's why I like it. .it
Lullapie 192 kb - .it
Not sober 139 kb - .xm
Sleepy 194 kb - .it
Smokeout 307 kb I still like this a lot, although the mixing is not so great. .it
Sob sob 10,4 kb Chiptune .xm
Stationary 122 kb - .it
Sweet dreams 754 kb - .it