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Metal/rock/etc. songs in various styles from over the years.. I have left out some of the crappiest stuff, but some of it might still be available here. But nevertheless beware: the quality and style may vary heavily ;)

Name Size Description Format
Ratrace 2,52 Mb From Armagon's "Decade of Decay" musicdisk. .mp3
Toxic Cloud 1,71 Mb From Armagon's "Decade of Decay" musicdisk. I was pretty "rusty" when doing this stuff, it's so very straight-forward. .it
Warfare 2,92 Mb From Armagon's "Decade of Decay" musicdisk. Probably the best out of these 3. .it

Name Size Description Format
Chaotic system 182 kb For a metalscene "End of the year oldskool compo". Placed 2nd. .it
Disimproved 180 kb For a metalscene "End of the year oldskool compo" .it
Exiles 3 566 kb The ending part for the "trilogy". Actually mostly done in 2001, but wasn't released until now. .it

Name Size Description Format
Amputated rotting deeds 2,72 Mb For Armagon's "Back to the core"-musicdisk. Previously only released as mo3. .xm
Genital mutilage 1,26 Mb For Armagon's "Back to the core"-musicdisk. Previously only released as mo3. .xm
Hate eternal 934 kb For Armagon's "Back to the core"-musicdisk. Previously only released as mo3. .xm
Withering away 1,59 Mb For Armagon's "Back to the core"-musicdisk. Previously only released as mo3. .xm

Name Size Description Format
Cynical prick 216 kb This was actually either for a #metalscene 1 or 2 hour compo.. Can't recall which. .xm
Her Skye-blue Eyes 242 kb For a metalscene 300kb compo arranged by Einherjar. Placed 2nd. .xm
Severe internal bleeding 1,21 Mb One of my alltime favourite dm tracks out of those I've written. Originally for "Armagon unleashed"-musicdisk .xm

Name Size Description Format
Cadaverous Symphonies EP 1,62 Mb A 2 song deathgrind EP based on "giveaway"-lyrics from Cadaver ;) Also one of my favourites. .xm
Deep turtle 935 kb Deep purpleish 70s metal/rock. .xm
Devouring the dead 530 kb Originally for "Armagon unleashed"-musicdisk .xm
Exhumed rotting carcass 975 kb Originally for Armagon's "Armagon unleashed"-musicdisk .xm
Factory-X 217 kb More like a mini-musicdisk/medley than a single track. .xm
Genital grinder 259 kb A cover of the Carcass-song. .xm
Mortification of the humankind 468 kb - .xm
Nothing but grey mass 1,05 Mb Pretty whacky ;) .xm
Postmortal humiliation 915 kb Originally for Armagon's "Murderous Activity" musicdisk. .xm
Rising sun 833 kb - .xm
Schizophrenic slaughter 559 kb - .xm
Skydiver 979 kb - .xm
Succumb to greed 907 kb - .xm
Twisted nightmare 1,28 Mb - .xm

Name Size Description Format
10 barrels of beer 442 kb "Viking metal" ;) .xm
Acid bath 343 kb Originally for Armagon's "Murderous activity"-musicdisk .xm
As the rain comes falling down 325 kb - .xm
A horde of vikings 457 kb The first track ever to contain my own sampled guitar.. Horrible playing + horrible vocals, but this brings so many memories I couldn't leave it out <3 ;) .xm
Barbaric battles 543 kb For Armagon's "Murderous activity"-musicdisk .xm
Bloody mess 435 kb For Armagon's "Murderous activity"-musicdisk .xm
Born of the cold void 756 kb - .xm
Deadly infection 209 kb For Armagon's "Murderous activity"-musicdisk .xm
Diced, mangled and left to rot (EP) 1,14 Mb A 3 song death/grind EP .xm
Dismal moments 189 kb - .xm
Fading memories 456 kb - .xm
Forgotten sunrise 346 kb Originally from the Hybrido tribute disk (which was made by me & Alzamon) .xm
Funeral charm 185 kb - .xm
Haunting apparition 719 kb - .xm
Into the pit of fire 334 kb - .xm
Past is alive 64,7 kb Yet another sad prove that I've always fancied making stuff with crap samples ;P .xm
Stabbed & Hacked 667 kb Originally for RED's "Spiritual AnnihilatioN" musidisk. Some sort of (sub-standard) deathgrind this time without vocs. .xm
Surgical failure 285 kb This was made for some Decay's webzine. .xm
The curse of a golden ornament 1,41 Mb Hilariously crappy vocals, but some decent melodies here as well. Sorta contains 3 different songs in one: intro, main song & outro. "viking" stuff. .xm
The exiles 372 kb - .xm
The exiles 2 839 kb 2nd part of the trilogy. I like this a lot, although the vocals & lyrics are plain horrible.. Used headphones as a mic since back then I didn't have actual mic ;D .xm
Through the frozen woods 162 kb For a metalscene 300kb compo. Cthulhu later did an awesome cover of this. Check it out also from here! .xm
Unchained 220 kb - .xm
Wormwood 230 kb wikkid "broken drumsample" experimentation. .xm

Name Size Description Format
3 Keys of wisdom 225 kb - .xm
Abnormal failure 520 kb - .xm
Abyss 537 kb For Armagon's "4th chapter"-musicdisk .xm
Blood red sky 224 kb Probably the best of these "Scythe"-sampled death metal tracks of mine. .xm
Brainwashed 198 kb - .xm
Burning winds 296 kb For "Repulsive attack #1"-musicdisk.. The group dissolved after the disk :P Plays around with egyptianish themes. .xm
Condemned to death 219 kb - .xm
Crystal 288 kb For Armagon's "4th chapter"-musicdisk .xm
Disturbed burial 305 kb - .xm
Drain life 461 kb - .xm
Episode 539 kb - .xm
Exhumed 62,9 kb - .xm
Foreshadow 297 kb - .xm
Knight of dawn 248 kb For Armagon's "4th chapter"-musicdisk .xm
Never again 540 kb - .xm
Nightfrost EP 1,53 Mb A 4 song "swedu-metal" EP .xm
Skull 174 kb For "Repulsive attack #1"-musicdisk .xm
Slaughtered by Undead 311 kb Scythe remixed and revocalized this track .xm
Slaughtered by Undead 223 kb The original version.. A bit faster/straight-forward. My very first attept ever to vocalize a track .xm
Stand alone 188 kb One of my old favourites.. Sort of an Iron Maidenish-track .xm
Wings of destiny 440 kb This actually contains 4 swedu metal tracks in a one file. Originally for "Aeons of darkness"-musicdisk by me and Alzamon (it was a "tribute" to Hybrido) and released under Armagon. "Forgotten Sunrise" is the part 5 of the same series. .xm

Name Size Description Format
Battlefields 2,34 Mb A 9 song musicdisk. I remember being extremely satisfied with "Howl from beyond" back in the day. .xm
Discordant spirit 311 kb - .xm
Heatwave 153 kb - .xm
Path of shadows 183 kb An early "masterpiece". Pretty messy/sketchy, but I still like this quite much, especially the ending.. .xm
The Blaze 144 kb For Armagon's "Eternal war"-musicdisk .xm
The undertaker 131 kb For Armagon's "Eternal war"-musicdisk .xm

Name Size Description Format
333:Halfway to hell 135 kb - .s3m
Akustine 93,6 kb My very first released mod ever! I had some even older (and crappier ;) stuff, but lost them in a hd crash on 1997.. .s3m
Melody of autumn 79,3 kb - .s3m