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VGM remixes/etc.

In 2000 there was a short period, when I got into making a bunch of "metal remixes" of gamemusics..Most of them are pretty poor, but I put them here anyway ;P

Name Size Description Format
Batman - Stage1 theme 96,5 kb From the NES-game .xm
Batman - Stage4 theme 143 kb From the NES-game .xm
C64 lives! 636 kb 5 crappy/inaccurate C64 music "metal remixes" ;P .xm
C64 lives! vol.2 366 kb 4 crappy/inaccurate C64 music "metal remixes" ;P I like Bluemax 2001 though, should redo that some day. .xm
Deliverance 132 kb Deliverance (Stormlord 2) theme from C64, original by Matt Gray. Metal mix, for some C64 metal disk by Einherjar. .xm
Golden Axe 134 kb Golden Axe: Wilderness Theme. Based on the Sega MD-version, metal mix. .xm
NES forever 719 kb This is already a bit better than the C64 lives!-disks... Especially Megaman: cutman's stage is rocking ;) .xm
Shadow of the ninja 103 kb A small track, that looped on backround of the NES game.. Short and effective. .xm
Storm warrior 186 kb Storm warrior theme from C64, original by Mark Cooksey. Metal mix, for some C64 metal disk by Einherjar. .xm